Lemon Balm Mushroom and Cracked Pepper Pizza

One thing I’ve found is that mushrooms are far more versatile than I had previously thought. Sure, they are good by themselves or add good texture when finely chopped and tossed on a salad. But they can also serve as a little gilled vehicle, transporting all the incredible flavors of accompanying ingredients to the little flavor receptors in your head. All the while contributing an incredibly meaty texture that provides more substance and balance to otherwise wispy spices. They play the transportation role this week by carrying the aromatic and zesty qualities of lemon balm with the delectable richness of butter and cracked pepper. I try not to use “mouthfeel” as a descriptor, but oh my the mouthfeel!

The cooking instructions are fairly straightforward with this one. Precooked dough is topped with sauce and cheese, while the chopped mushrooms, lemon balm, and spices are sautéing in a seasoned cast iron. Top pizza with a healthy portion of sautéed ingredients and cook in a 400F oven for 15-20 minutes.

Enjoy with a generous portion of greens and feel the pleasure of fulfillment from all the highly nutritious food you just consumed.