Prepare soil, plant, weed, harvest, mulch…

Whatever your garden needs, we’ll help you get it done so you can get on with growing food!


Monthly Services

Growing great food is the goal. If time is just a little too tight to make it happen the way you want, we can help. Monthly services include weekly or bi-weekly visits to check in, weed, tend to plants, cultivate soil, harvest what’s ripe, and manage succession plantings. Keep it on track and maximize the output from your garden!



As-Needed Help

Let things get away from you? We know how it is. Hire a few helping hands to get that garden situation back in control. Whether it’s planting, weeding, harvesting, or some end-of-season garden clean-up, we can help.



Vacation Garden Care

Heading out of town and know the garden is going to suffer while you’re away? Let us know and we can check-in, water, weed, and generally keep things in order so you come home to a well-tended garden, and not hours of playing catch-up.