Design & Build your Backyard Urban Garden

Our professional urban farmers design, install, and plant to meet any gardening needs


Grow What You Eat

Design a garden tailored to grow the food your family loves to eat! We build raised beds, in-ground gardens, and custom garden projects to provide you space to carry out all your gardening adventures.


Natural Wood Preservatives

We use a beeswax-based wood preservative to build garden beds and compost bins that resist rot, are safe for growing vegetables, and are a beautiful addition to any space. A great alternative to pressure treated lumber when you want to know your plants and soil are healthy.


Automated Garden Irrigation

Give your plants just the right amount of water, just when they need it. We tailor the systems we use on the farm to set up efficient watering systems so you can keep your plants healthy. And hey, maybe even go on a vacation knowing your plants won’t be withering back at home!

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